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» MassMail BETA Version


Some users are reporting problems with connection and authentication for MassMail 1.07. As we have not finalized the latest version, a BETA version of MassMail has been released as a "stop gap" to help resolve a few existing issues in 1.07.

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» New Website!

New Site Design Welcome to the new KGP Software website! The site has been completely redesigned for 2010, with an improved layout and a better search facility to help you find the software that fits your needs.

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EmailChecker History

Latest Version

20 Sep 2006 v1.17:

Added more options to email account configuration such as text color, background color, notification sound, and email header downloading only. The account configuration dialog has been completely rewritten.

Added option to automatically delete SPAM emails that do not pass through the built-in SPAM filter.

Internet now connects reliably to the default connection when prompted to connect.

Changed all images for a more modern look.

Added new and more detailed HTML-help documentation.

Added Windows' multi-user support.

Changed about dialog to new format.

04 Jul 2005 v1.16:

Fixed resource leak which occurred on Win95/98 systems

17 Jan 2005 v1.15:

New save & delete options for SPAM messages

11 Jan 2005 v1.14:

Added new auto-update system to help menu

05 Jan 2005 v1.13:

New 'hyperlinks' to view downloaded messages

30 Dec 2004 v1.12:

Added more Anti-SPAM keywords and option to run at startup

22 Dec 2004 v1.11:

Improved with animated icons

19 Oct 2004 v1.10:

Fixed various small bugs that were reported

02 Sep 2004 v1.09:

Added anti-SPAM filter capabilities

22 Jan 2004 v1.05:

Made various improvements and added help system

08 Jan 2004 v1.04:

Now has options to run external programs

28 Dec 2003 v1.03:

Added 'coolmenus'

05 Dec 2003 v1.02:

Included option to view messages

29 Nov 2003 v1.01:

Added XP themes

26 Nov 2003 v1.00:

EmailChecker first released



KGP Software have been developing free and commercial Windows applications since 1996.

Our goal is to provide software that is usable, efficient, compact, and which end users can appreciate.

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