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» MassMail BETA Version


Some users are reporting problems with connection and authentication for MassMail 1.07. As we have not finalized the latest version, a BETA version of MassMail has been released as a "stop gap" to help resolve a few existing issues in 1.07.

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» New Website!

New Site Design Welcome to the new KGP Software website! The site has been completely redesigned for 2010, with an improved layout and a better search facility to help you find the software that fits your needs.

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Email checking and alerter utility


EmailChecker is a simple Windows utility that allows you to be notified when you have new email by displaying a popup window and/or making an alert sound. You can use EmailChecker to configure multiple email accounts and be alerted in different ways.

Amongst it's many features, EmailChecker has...

  • Modern, attractive and easy to use interface.
  • Support for up to 100 POP3 server configurations.
  • Main window can be hidden as an icon and shown when email is received.
  • Audible alert configurable for when email is received (can repeat like a phone).
  • Optional window popup when new email arrives.
  • Allows viewing (sender, subject, time/date) and deleting of messages.
  • Configure an external program or web location to run for each account.
  • Anti-SPAM keyword list which can be applied to each account.
  • Allows text and background colors to be configured for each account.
  • You can set a limit (in bytes) how much content of each message is downloaded.

    EmailChecker also includes "HTML Help" documentation.
  • Download

    Current Version: v1.17
    Last Release: 20 September 2006
    Change Log: [all changes]
    Primary Download: [full setup]
    Secondary Download [portable zip]



    KGP Software have been developing free and commercial Windows applications since 1996.

    Our goal is to provide software that is usable, efficient, compact, and which end users can appreciate.

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