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Some users are reporting problems with connection and authentication for MassMail 1.07. As we have not finalized the latest version, a BETA version of MassMail has been released as a "stop gap" to help resolve a few existing issues in 1.07.

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New Site Design Welcome to the new KGP Software website! The site has been completely redesigned for 2010, with an improved layout and a better search facility to help you find the software that fits your needs.

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MassMail History

Latest Version

02 Nov 2007 v1.07:

Fixed selection bug when selecting or editing messages.
Fixed window restore bug.
Replaced main toolbar images and included a multi-language enabled tool tip for each button.
Changed message format and character-set to selectable lists.
Added optional tag text to messages, configurable from the options dialog, for up to 512 characters.
Updated and added more entries to the "troubleshooting" section of the help file.

27 Sep 2007 v1.06:

Fixed account save problem. Critical section deadlock occurred on some systems.
Fixed crash when performing a mailout or test message. Critical section deadlock occurred on some systems.
Included option to send a default test message.

12 Sep 2007 v1.05:

MassMail now verified as 100% Windows Vista compatible.
Included multi-language support for the MassMail interface. This can easily be expanded to cover most languages by adding a LNG file for each language in the "\Languages" folder.
Optimized MassMail to manage very large address lists (ie. 10000 email addresses or more).
Added custom email header fields which can be defined separately for each account.
Added new "content-id" field to the header for each attachment, allowing reference in HTML messages.
Added user-definable computer name to the options dialog.
Added ability to send only one message per server connection.
Added option to force a particular server authentication method or disable it altogether.
Added info labels for the address and message lists.
Improved uninstaller to (optionally) also delete the account and settings files.
Log file is now enabled by default.
Now allows multiple-address deletion.
Included more detailed help for each account entry field.
Improved error reports and logs with more detail.
Fixed problem where wrong time was displayed for the "message sent" date.
Fixed file import error.
Fixed crash on startup for Win95/Win98.
Fixed authentication encoding problems with AUTH LOGIN and AUTH PLAIN.
Updated help file with all changes.

22 Mar 2007 v1.04:

Added "Backup" and "Restore" options to the "Tools" menu.
Fixed bug where an empty address list crashes MassMail on startup.
Added display popup window to show errors after a mailout (if any).
Added setting to ignore errors with individual recipient addresses when performing a mailout.
Changed settings and data storage folders to user-specific folders (Windows Vista compatible).
Added "View Log" option to the "Tools" menu.
Updated documentation with all changes.

12 Jan 2007 v1.03:

Added port option for nonstandard servers.
Improved authentication to handle several different types.
Added email address import and export from text file.
Added creation of log file to track MassMail progress in detail.
Added save and restoration of main window position between sessions.
Added option to save message data to file.
Message size now also includes attachment file(s) size.
Server now queried for maximum message size supported.
Modified command-line mode to include authentication.
Duplicate email addresses now cannot be added.
Fixed progress bar to include message attachment size when sending.
Fixed small reallocation bug when deleting an address.

25 Sep 2006 v1.02:

Added SMTP authentication feature.
Added feature to log on to server every xx mails sent.
Added "test mailout" feature.
Completely redesigned options dialog.
Included completely new documentation.
Updated images for a more modern look.
Updated about box.

05 Feb 2005 v1.01:

Fixed a small bug where an e-mail address wouldn't delete

01 Feb 2005 v1.00:

MassMail e-mailing software initial release



KGP Software have been developing free and commercial Windows applications since 1996.

Our goal is to provide software that is usable, efficient, compact, and which end users can appreciate.

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