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Some users are reporting problems with connection and authentication for MassMail 1.07. As we have not finalized the latest version, a BETA version of MassMail has been released as a "stop gap" to help resolve a few existing issues in 1.07.

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» New Website!

New Site Design Welcome to the new KGP Software website! The site has been completely redesigned for 2010, with an improved layout and a better search facility to help you find the software that fits your needs.

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PrpT History

Latest Version

24 Nov 2007 v1.03:

  • Included full internal support for theming (UXTHEME.DLL) when run under Windows XP and Vista (or later) operating systems. Themes can be overridden/disabled by using custom colors for control elements or PLM_ENABLETHEMES.
  • Added capability to toggle themes (UXTHEME.DLL) support on/off (PLM_ENABLETHEMES). Default is set to ON.
  • Renamed all function prefixes from "PrpT_" to "prp".
  • Included new simple interface function 'prpGetEntry', for obtaining entry display and value information as strings.
  • Included new simple interface function 'prpEntryFromTag', to get the entry index from a tag string.
  • Changed existing simple interface function 'prpSetEntry' to set display information or value information, instead of both.
  • Added new member to the TPRP_SELECT structure (bUseValue).
  • Added new member to the TPRP_SECTION structure (bDisabled). Section buttons can now be show, but unselectable (disabled).
  • Added new member to the TPRP_SECTION structure (szTitle). Specifies title text separate from section name.
  • Modified the prpAddSection function to include the new "title" parameter.
  • Renamed and expanded the PLT_BOOLEAN member "bYesNo" to "bDisplay". Multiple display strings are now supported.
  • Improved double-click editing so only one mouse click is required for already selected entries.
  • Pressing the up or down arrow keys now does not change selection when an entry is being edited for all entries except PLT_SINGLE.
  • Changed the PLT_FONT entry type to include a new "angle" field, for the font angle in degrees.
  • Mousewheel scrolling now only changes selection when mouse cursor is over the PrpT control.
  • Control now correctly sends a WM_CONTEXTMENU message to the parent window when the mouse is right-clicked.
  • Control now sends WM_COMMAND > IDCANCEL to the parent window when the escape key is pressed and no entry is selected. This is useful for when the user wants to close the dialog quickly.
  • Included new message PLM_HITTEST for "hit testing" a point in the control.
  • prpRegister now requires a 64-bit value instead of a string for the product key parameter.
  • Included product key conversion utility (hexkey.exe), which helps you convert your existing product key to a 64-bit value.
  • Included IN (input variable) and OUT (output variable) keywords to all function topics in documentation.
  • Fixed section scrolling problem with many section buttons.
  • Fixed problem with PLM_SETENTRY and entry members not being updated.
  • Fixed display problem when 'tabbing' entries that were being edited.
  • Fixed possible endless recursion error with the PLN_CHANGED notification message.
  • Fixed problem with PLM_GETSECTION not functioning without szName being valid.
  • Fixed issue with margins erroneously appearing in edit boxes affecting PLT_SINGLE and PLT_MULTI entry types.
  • Fixed problem on Win95/98/ME systems where the PLM_VALUELOAD and PLM_VALUESAVE functions used too large a buffer.

    15 Sep 2006 v1.02:

  • Changed the "PrpT_Register" and "PrpT_Unregister" functions to include an instance handle parameter.
  • Changed the evaluation version to only display "please register" message after the 60-day expiry period has expired.
  • Implemented a "simple interface" which includes several encapsulation functions for using the control. All functions are fully documented.
  • Added a simplified sample to demonstrate using PrpT's "simple interface".
  • Added new "bPassword" member for the PLT_SINGLE entry type to allow "masked" password entry. Added this entry type to the sample projects.
  • Added new PLF_ENCRYPT flag to TPRP_ENTRY structure to allow secure data encryption when loading entry values to/from disk.
  • Added nStoreType parameter to disk access functions to prepare for future support for other file formats.
  • Added new PLM_VALUERESET message to easily reset entry value data for a single section, or all sections.
  • Added new clrValText and clrValTextSel to TPRP_COLORS structure.
  • Added support for "image lists" for the display of all images.
  • Changed the entry type PLT_FONT to store the font on disk as a human-readable string (ie. "Arial, 8, Bold"). The font size is now stored in points for greater compatibility.
  • Changed the entry type PLT_COLOR to store the color on disk as a human-readable hex string (ie. 0000FF, for blue).
  • Fixed missing "PrpT_Unregister" topic from the help file.
  • Evaluation version: Added "days left" to About box, which has been redesigned.

    10 Aug 2006 v1.01:

  • Fixed problem where an entry could be added with an empty "pszName" member. This is not valid.
  • Fixed problem with mouse cursor lock when scrolling sections.
  • Fixed problem where the drop-down list for list-based entries was still visible after editing had finished.
  • Fixed an issue where entering very large strings in text fields crashed PrpT.
  • Expanded PLS_SINGLE to edit an entry immediately upon selection. Drop-down list boxes are NOT immediately shown when using this style.
  • Folder and file paths can now be edited using a text field. This field also supports shell "auto-complete".
  • Added new member (szTip) to TPRP_SECTION for displaying "tip text" in the status area when a section is highlighted.
  • Section list now auto-scrolls to display a newly selected section.
  • Improved PowerBASIC sample to include a style-bit toggler.
  • Included sample and header files for Microsoft Visual C++ compiler.

    04 Aug 2006 v1.00:

  • PrpT initial release.



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    Our goal is to provide software that is usable, efficient, compact, and which end users can appreciate.

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