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Some users are reporting problems with connection and authentication for MassMail 1.07. As we have not finalized the latest version, a BETA version of MassMail has been released as a "stop gap" to help resolve a few existing issues in 1.07.

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» New Website!

New Site Design Welcome to the new KGP Software website! The site has been completely redesigned for 2010, with an improved layout and a better search facility to help you find the software that fits your needs.

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Slam History

Latest Version

07 Jul 2006 v1.05:

Fixed problem where the database could be opened in multi-user mode and read-only at the same time. These two access methods are mutually exclusive.
Fixed problem where dbfProperty froze when an invalid database handle was passed.
Fixed "out of range" error with using dbfSeek with an empty database. Now dbfSeek simply returns FALSE if the database is empty.
Fixed problem where a user information block was added to the database when opened in single-user mode. Now, no user information is added to the database in this mode.
Disabled usage of the "dbfLockXXX", "dbfUnlockXXX" and "dbfUserXXX" range of functions when the database is opened in single-user mode. These functions will now always return FALSE when in this mode.
Added notes to all multi-user specific functions about them being disabled in single-user mode.
Added note to dbfSeek documentation about using this function with NULL-terminated strings (DBFIDX_BINARY).
Fixed small mistake in the PowerBASIC header file.
Fixed installer problems (ie. missing shortcuts) and added "readme.txt" to samples.
Added header and "sample1" for Visual Basic .NET.

03 Jun 2006 v1.04:

Fixed problem with incorrect index keys being set when overwriting a record.
Fixed missing declarations dbfUserClear and dbfEnumerate in header files.
Added new function dbfVersion to return a library version string.
Added new function dbfTimer to time database access.

19 Apr 2006 v1.03:

Fixed problem with database disconnections and the monitoring thread.
Fixed problem with index replacements using dbfIndexCreate
Fixed problem with NULL key data in indexes
Fixed problem where DBFERROR_CORRUPTED was reported when appending an empty record.
Fixed multi-threading issues when using Visual Basic 6
Added new function dbfValueSet to assign a 32-bit value to an open database.
Added new function dbfValueGet to return a 32-bit value from an open database.
Added new function dbfUserValid to check whether a user number is valid.
Created 60-day (time limited) evaluation version of Slam for free download.

30 Mar 2006 v1.02:

Corrected Visual Basic samples and included samples for Visual C++ 6 and Delphi 7.
New parameter added to dbfSetRecordEx to allow compression ratio to be changed when using ZLIB compression.
Modified dbfNotifyProc to allow notifications for separate databases.
New function dbfNotifySend to send a custom message to the notification handler(s) (useful for instant updates).
Fixed small issue with dbfSeek and recursion (when using uStartKey).
Fixed data corruption bug with dbfIndexDelete.
Fixed problem with dbfIndexEnum returning invalid indexes.

22 Mar 2006 v1.01:

Fixed problem with non-functional dbfGetRecordEx

20 Mar 2006 v1.00:

First release of Slam Database Manager.



KGP Software have been developing free and commercial Windows applications since 1996.

Our goal is to provide software that is usable, efficient, compact, and which end users can appreciate.

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